We are sure that you have some questions. The most frequent ones are oultined below. This section will be updated regularly.

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Will the vinyl film really last?

Yes. The films have been developed and designed to last 10+ years.


What do I need to consider when planning the project?

All we need is electricity and running water. The installation can easily take place while the stores are open as we will reduce customer discomfort to a minimum. No dust-emitting works should be taking place during the film installation (drilling, grinding etc.).


What will it cost?

We charge on a fixed price per meter basis which ensures 100% transparency. On top we charge a fixed package price for logistics and travel. This makes project calculation really easy. Please use our calucation tool for a cost estimation or contact us.


What guarantees do you offer?

We offer extensive guarantees that are backed by the vinyl manufacturer. In the first 5 years, 100% coverage of all costs incurred in case of a malfunction will be covered. After that, part of the cost will be covered up to year 8. Please contact us for exact terms and conditions.


Can the film be removed again?

The film is designed to stay in its place for a long time. But with some effort it is possible to remove it.


How I can I be sure that the film looks neat also after some time?

If the cleaning instructions are adhered to, (which are actually really simple), you do not need to worry. On high-risk areas we install an additional, almost invisible protective film to prevent scratches caused by trolleys, pallets and the like.