Vinyl film offers a number of advantages compared to paint.

  • No risk of defilement of building structure or items in the surroundings

  • Vinyl is odourless

  • No extensive preparations necessary (such as masking, sandpapering)

  • Removal of film is possible if needed

  • No dust emittance whatsoever

  • No interruption of operations

  • Extensive Warranty

  • Installation from 0°C

  • High-Class surface

  • 100% homogenous surface

  • No health-related risks (considering the fact that we are working close to foods.)

  • Vinyl can be installed on other surfaces too, such as glass (see picture)

Ready to use immediately after installation

  • No drying time

  • No blocking of certain areas needed

  • No risk for customers and staff, reduced discomfort (No "Wet Paint!" signs required)

  • Reduced interruption of other trades (e.g. drilling etc.)

  • To increase resistance against mechanical damage, PU scratch-protection film can be installed at high-risk areas such as automatic doors. Again, this can be done right after the actual vinyl film is installed.